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American Association for Physician Leadership
American Association for Physician Leadership


June 1, 2023

Pay equity is more than just a competitive tool in a red-hot labor market. It’s an opportunity to foster innovation, drive employee engagement, minimize turnover, maintain (or improve) brand reputation, and attract investors. To help employers unders...

May 31, 2023

This podcast interview sets the stage for giving physicians the history and elements of business know-how to succeed as an employed physician. It offers an important briefing on trends in employment for physicians by an accomplished official.

April 27, 2023

With interest rates rising in real terms, the value of growth strategies has declined. Managers need to look carefully at where they allocate capital, focusing more on investing in productivity. Nor should they treat strategy-making as a periodic exe...

Physician leaders have an essential role in successfully implementing margin expansion leverage strategies. By the very nature of their unique position within their practice, physician leaders must wear two hats: that of a revenue-producing provider ...

March 7, 2023

Whether on retailers’ own platforms or through third-party price tracking services, today’s consumers often have access to detailed information regarding changes in a product’s price over time. But how does this visibility influence their purchasing ...

February 23, 2023

What causes inflation? There is no one answer, but like so much of macroeconomics it comes down to a mix of output, money, and expectations.

DPC (where patients pay a flat fee for their care) combined with the smart use of technology empowers patients, creates the true “medical home,” and redefines the way doctors think about patient care.

Based on the economic factors described in this article, there are several key topics to know and monitor as 2023 begins.

January 22, 2023

Dr. Bhavin Shah and Sunita Kalsariya’s journey to reduce Shah’s high medical bill entailed being briefly sent to debt collection, asking for help from the Illinois attorney general, and eventually uncovering that nearly $7,000 of Shah’s initial charg...

Author Sylvie Stacy, MD, MPH, discusses self-employment options available for nonclinical physicians.

January 4, 2023

As the reimbursement paradigm continues to shift from being strictly fee-for-volume to include fee-for-value (FFV) payments, this trend is likely to continue and be emblematic for all four contemporary alignment options available today (i.e., ACOs, C...

December 10, 2022

Selecting a collection agency — or evaluating the one you have — can improve bottom line results while maintaining your professional image.

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