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Beyond Burnout & Resilience

At a time when burnout has reached crisis levels within the healthcare industry, the American Association for Physician Leadership® is taking a stance and acting.

Taking Responsibility,
Leading the Charge.

While many factors contribute to burnout, physicians often cite poor leadership at the core. As the only professional association solely dedicated to physician leadership, and as the leader in this space, we provide the education , tools, resources, and community to combat and prevent burnout. We are here to create a social movement that fosters a culture of wellness.

While our educational platforms focus on administrative, managerial, and leadership education and training, we have incorporated physician wellness into our programming for physicians and healthcare delivery systems.

The Multiplier Effect

Call for Collaborative Advocacy

We support physicians, the delivery systems in which they practice, and organizations and specialties in which they serve. That’s why we call for collaboration to amplify the voices for change within all the areas that contribute to this burnout crisis. The association is committed to:
Developing wellness education opportunities for physicians so they can influence their clinical teams & systems.
Creating relationships with thought leaders to exchange findings and best practices.
Creating alliances with communities and health systems to augment efforts & resources.
Providing our Members with the resources and community they need to propagate a culture of wellness.
Providing resources for institutions to create change in their environment as it relates to supporting workforce wellness.
Providing industry-wide forums to continue important discussions and foster solutions.
Empowering Members to positively influence processes, policies and legislative/regulatory initiatives that foster burnout among clinicians.

Integrated Physician Wellness

Tools to continue your individual wellness journey and foster the overall movement.


Through our online platform, physicians stay connected to the those they’ve bonded with during association events and programming

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These highly interactive programs give momentum to the physician wellness movement and continually build upon the physician community we foster.

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Wellness Advisors

We have subject matter experts in a variety of wellness-related areas that are available to create custom solutions for your organization.

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Information Resources

A repository for specially selected wellness resources that can support your personal wellness journey as well as that of your organization.

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Leadership Assessment

Discover the critical insights that push you ahead, and those that keep you behind, to greatly enhance your life, career and the care you provide to others.

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Get one-on-one support from one of our specialists in areas like Executive Coaching, help with interviewing, resumé crafting, and more.

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Previous Wellness Initiatives

Our 2 ½ day physician-led workshop brought physicians in all phases of their careers together and helped them to find balance, wellbeing, and synergy by increasing their self-awareness, professional awareness, and clarity surrounding the complexity of the organizations in which they work as well as healthcare in general.

It is absolutely critical that AAPL gives healers the tools they need to now become the leaders.

Anne VanGarsse MD, CPE, FAAPL, CHCEF AAPL Board Member

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For over 45 years.

The American Association for Physician Leadership has helped physicians develop their leadership skills through education, career development, thought leadership and community building.

The American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) changed its name from the American College of Physician Executives (ACPE) in 2014. We may have changed our name, but we are the same organization that has been serving physician leaders since 1975.


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AAPL providers leadership development programs designed to retain valuable team members and improve patient outcomes.

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