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July/August 2024

The Chief Nursing Officer and the Chief Medical Officer are responsible for the oversight of clinical outcomes within a complex and rapidly changing environment. Much attention has been paid to the interplay between these strategic executive roles. A...

May 20, 2024

It’s time to redefine the approach to transformation. Instead of the traditional top-down targets and bottom-up delivery model, leadership should adopt a middle-out approach.

May/June 2024

Leadership is never more important than during a time of crisis, as healthcare organizations everywhere learned during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the physician’s office, the schedule itself is the most powerful and influential aspect of the physician’s day — and it can control you or you can control it.

April 22, 2024

If you’ve ever developed a product, you’ve almost certainly been derailed by scope creep. Features multiply, priorities blur, and schedules and budgets suffer. As a leader, how can you recognize scope creep and realign your team? Shift the focus from...

April 19, 2024

Research from PwC reveals that the highest-performing organizations invest in a growth system, an integrated collection of capabilities and assets that drives both short-term and long-term growth. The authors provide a framework for building a growth...

April 9, 2024

Companies need a growth strategy that encompasses three related sets of decisions: how fast to grow, where to seek new sources of demand, and how to develop the financial, human, and organizational capabilities needed to grow. This article offers a f...

Leaders across healthcare have made great progress in automating administrative tasks, but there are still significant opportunities to increase efficiency and alleviate the burden for providers and health plans.

March 1, 2024

It’s human nature to procrastinate — but it can be devastating for your future goals if you continually procrastinate on projects that are important but not urgent. In this article, the author offers five strategies to overcome procrastination on amb...

Healthcare in the United States continues to face myriad challenges post-COVID, and institutions are at risk of organizational decline. A. O. Hirschman, one of many economists who have studied organizational decline, outlined several responses to org...

I firmly believe that the future of healthcare will be determined by whether or not clinicians step up to lead in all areas of healthcare leadership and collaborate with non-clinician leaders. We need their expertise and they need our expertise.

February 19, 2024

According to the authors, a short-term time investment in spending engaged time with their new baby has the potential to pay a lifelong dividend in dad instincts. If we want to see greater gender equality, we need to not just focus on women’s partici...

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