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May 14, 2024

Bhagwan Satiani, MD, reflects on his entry into the United States of America.

May 10, 2024

Even if you’re an introvert who dreads the notion of networking, you can develop your skills to get out there and do it. Research by the Lehigh@NasdaqCenter identified make-or-break factors for developing networking skills. They include: the ability ...

May 5, 2024

Being accused by your team of failing them in some way induces a threat state in your brain, impairing your ability to think clearly and triggering a variety of cognitive distortions and defensive behaviors. The authors offer several strategies to he...

Narrative medicine programs have become increasingly popular among physicians, aiming to teach doctors and other caregivers sensitive interviewing skills and the art of empathic listening and storytelling to improve patient care.

In today’s demanding healthcare environment, physician leaders must learn to make well-formed decisions and avoid being misled by their emotions.

March 31, 2024

Every day 10,000 Americans reach the traditional retirement age of 65. Critical skills, experience, and connections can walk out the door with each retirement. The good news is that many older employees want to keep working; in fact, nearly 60% say t...

March 17, 2024

The authors suggest a more impact-driven philosophy called “noble-purpose leadership,” that ties leaders and teammates to the pursuit of a shared goal that positively impacts constituents. The authors offer three areas where managers can shift their ...

Music benefits patients’ physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs. The use of music therapy has been effective in various settings, including hospitals, schools, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

February 12, 2024

Kathleen Neuzil's leadership story is inspirational. She shares how small acts of kindness, via mentorship, can result in tremendous returns. Her clinical and policy talent, anchored on the bedrock of science, has benefited countless people around th...

February 5, 2024

When you’re friends with an employee, you must navigate some difficult terrain. One of the most difficult aspects is walking the line between confidentiality and transparency. How do you keep confidential information about the organization — or even ...

Impostor syndrome is a common psychological phenomenon that makes individuals feel that they are fakes who will be exposed as frauds. Research suggests that it is more likely to occur in high-achieving individuals, healthcare professionals, and leade...

Organizational culture is underleveraged in most organizations, including healthcare. During their recruitment, aspiring physician leaders should note the culture and determine whether it is a good fit with their own values.

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